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I have a friend who’s used steroids for over a decade. He never comes off, subscribing instead to the blast and cruise method. When I asked him what supplements he takes, he said only one – protein.

Why is that, and is everything else really just a waste of $ if you’re on the juice?


This a dangerous viewpoint taken by many steroid users, dismissing all supplements out of hand.

In fact, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – If anything, steroid users should be using more supplements than their non geared brethren.

Their psychology usually goes something like this: Steroids work incredibly well, WAY better than any supplement.

The drugs are expensive, so is all of their food.

Nothing works like steroids except.. more steroids. Therefore, supplements are a waste.

If there is any discretionary income left over, it’s put towards supplemental protein.

Like many viewpoints, there are elements of truth to these statements.

But they are giving up protection on the cheap IMO, especially if using large amounts of 17 alpha alkylated orals, or staying on for years on end.

For starters, a variety of OTC liver guards are effective: The best being TUDCA, but milk thistle, NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid and a product called LIV-52 are also effective.

Second, taking 1-200mcg of Vitamin K2 can help prevent calcification of the arteries

Third, Ecdysterone does an excellent job of lowering both fasting blood sugars and total cholesterol in those cases where they’re high.

Perhaps more importantly, Ecdy is a strong anti-oxidant – which is the real issue to address.

Because it isn’t high cholesterol that’s the problem, it’s oxidized cholesterol.

Other anti-oxidants such as C, E, Beta-Carotene, Zinc, ALA etc would also be advisable IMO.

For example: A daily dose of 1 – 1.5 g vitamin C was shown to protect steroids users against prostate cancer.

It’s even been established that dietary copper supplementation reduces atherosclerosis.

High homocysteine levels can also occur, something easily remedied by creatine, B-vitamins and/or TMG.

What I just covered is a fraction of what you can find insofar as readily available, inexpensive supplements that can be used to offset the effects of heavy, long term and non-stop use of anabolics.

Having said that, it sounds like your friend has made his mind up: He’s not coming off anytime soon.

IMO, this is a mistake -and not just for health reasons.

If you can’t discontinue to drugs, that demonstrates that the drug is controlling you – you’re not controlling the drug.

More importantly, you train geared long enough and you’ll forget (or worse, never learn) how to train naturally.

Some points to ponder, the next time you have this conversation with your friend.

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