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I like and use Kratom, probably a little too much to be honest. 3-5 grams of Green Malay feels like 2 Tramadrol to me, which of course is great especially for a natural product.

What other strains should I look into? Will switching strains help with the tolerance?


It’s been around 6 or 7 years since I’ve mentioned Kratom on this show, and needless to say its become very popular with lifters.

That popularity though has come at a price, the FDA and DEA have been trying to ban it for nearly as long, and have had at least some success in around a half dozen states

Nevertheless, people will find a way to get it and I’m aware of some really creative ways they do so..

Anyway, let’s talk about strains.


First, switching strains doesn’t really help with tolerance. You’ll hear from many that it does, but IMO it’s more a justification for everyday use.

For those that want to get back some of the buzz, it’s really just a game of escalating doses.

Having said that, I do think using different strains from time to time has merit. There are subtle differences, but they’re very slight.

Let me put it this way: If I blindfolded most people and gave them either red, green, white or yellow Kratom – few if any could tell the difference.

There are differences in quality though IMO, and Kratom extracts certainly are more potent than the bulk, crushed leaf.

Just make sure its standardized for 7-hydroxy mitrogenia speciosa, which imparts most of Kratom’s unique properties.

Personally, I like StraightUpKRatom’s Enhanced White, Green Malay, Green Indo and white strains. They also have a liquid extract that’s quite potent and very convenient.

Comes in a little dropper bottle, and you just take one cc under your tongue, swallow and it’s over. No having to mix it into protein powder, orange juice etc to kill the taste.

Finally, let’s dispel with the myth this stuff is addictive. It’s about as addictive as caffeine. I’ve cold turkeyed it for months at a time, in fact I’m doing so right now. I do this occasionally with everything I use (minus ephedrine) to prove to myself I’m controlling the drug, not the drug controlling me.

It’s a breeze to stop IMO, no withdrawals etc. It feels stupid even saying that word “addicted.”

Just my 2cc’s. Hope it helped.

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