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I’ve been using Synthagen for years and nothing’s better for recovery. My question is, why can’t you do the same thing for growth?


Truth be told, this is the realm of steroids and nothing comes close. The free testosterone molecule attaching to the receptor sends a message to the cell nucleus to “turn on” protein machinery. This is DNA transcription, and only testosterone and it’s derivatives have been shown to do it. Forget SARMS, they don’t do it and if they do, they don’t do it nearly as well.

Synthagen works the other side of the protein synthesis coin, that being mRNA Translation. This is the structural assembly of new contractile muscle protein in the ribosome, or the factory of the cell. You can’t get there though, without satisfying certain conditions the body has. Chief among them is energy status of the cell.

What Synthagen does is replenish the cell with lots of ATP, or adenosine tri phosphate via multiple mechanisms. We do this with PeakATP and Orotic Acid, which replenishes ATP 3 different ways. Once that’s done, it’s time to motivate the workers at the factory.

We use RCE for this purpose, as study after study shows it does it better than any other compound. More than that, it increases the speed with which they operate. The other qualifier the body has is all 9 EAA’s be present. If it doesn’t have these in circulation with RCE in and around training, the magic doesn’t happen. If you’re sitting on EAA’s right now, take a 2nd look at the bottle. It’s likely it doesn’t contain L-Tryptophan.

Many of these companies cut corners, but not us. We use a very precise blend of all 9 EAA’s that work in concert with the rest of the formula to facilitate the fastest recovery you’ll ever experience.

All is not lost however, for the savvy trainee knows recovery is EVERYTHING. How so? The Russian’s found out decades ago: The faster you recover, the more productive sessions you can get in every week, month or year. This leads to faster growth, no two ways about it. And while you won’t see lbs on the scale in the short term, they’ll for sure be there in the long term. Besides, quick weight gains from androgens rarely stick around.

Anadrol-50 for example, was notorious for this. You also had shutdown issues, liver protection etc to deal with. No such worries with Synthagen. You can stay “on” as long as you like, letting the gains pile up all the while enhancing your health.

For those interested, MASS Supplements in the US and Predator Nutrition in the UK offer the real deal Synthagen. You won’t be disappointed…

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