Best Diet Aid on the Market: Antacids

The next time you’re in the drug store, take a hard look at all of the available “fat burners” for sale. There are DOZENS of them on the shelves, just begging for your dollars. They average in price from a low of $20 to a high of $75 or more, in some cases a LOT more! Take a closer look at the label. They’re usually dressed up caffeine, sometimes with a sprinkling of herbal diuretics. Still others offer compounds such as CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Green Coffee bean etc. The list goes on and on.

The long and the short of it is that these expensive and over-hyped weight loss formulas all have virtually ZERO science to back up their claims. Instead, what if there was an incredibly effective (and CHEAP) OTC diet aid that really worked? One that showed fat loss preferentially in the abdomen. Or one that increases the “punch” of caffeine, ephedrine and other proven thermogenics like EGCG from Green Tea Well, it’s out there today in the form of Tagamet aka Cimetidine HCL. Best deal is WalMart’s “Equate” house brand sold under the name, “acid reducer”. For a paltry $4.98, you get 60, 200mg tabs, or enough for a 3 week supply.


Cimetidine is an OTC, histamine blocker used to treat gastric acid and peptic ulcers. It is not currently FDA approved for weight loss. If you dig deep enough though, you’ll find several studies found cimetidine reduces weight in healthy overweight subjects. Although the method of action isn’t completely understood, a prevailing theory is that it suppresses hunger via a satiety peptide “chole cysto kinin”. Whatever it is, I can vouch for the fact it absolutely crushes appetite.

The last known studies on cimetidine for weight loss were published in 2000. In the study that caught my eye, those using Cimetidine not only lost fat preferentially around the waist – they kept it off vs. controls not using it*.



Cimetidine also happens to extend the duration of action and “punch” of other medications, among them caffeine and SSRI’s. This is a double edged sword, one which you should approach cautiously. Still, it gives us some inkling as to what else might stack well with it…


A dirt cheap favorite of mine is Cimetidine + EGCG and caffeine. The ideal is 300mg of EGCG, 200mg of caffeine paired with 200mg of Cimetidine up to 3x’s daily.

While you’re at WalMart, look into their generic caffeine tabs, brand name “Jet Alert”. REASON: You get 90, 200mg tabs for a around $3. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry watching people walk out of there having paid $25 or more for 1,3, 7 trimethylxanthine. Oops, I mean… caffeine.. You get a much more favorable price point, by purchasing Jet-Alert.


I’ve been toying with various stacks involving Cimetidine, searching for that “perfect” combination. IMO, you can do no finer than ephedrine, caffeine, EGCG, Cimetidine and Forskolin. Here’s the breakdown, to be taken 2 to 3x’s a day:

20mg of ephedrine
200mg of caffeine
300mg of EGCG
200mg of Cimetidine
50mg of Forskolin.

I reviewed Forskolin in depth in issue #12 of The BP Bulletin, but the light bulb only went off just recently. Forskolin elevates cyclic AMP. Which turns on the signal telling the body to, “burn fat,” It also interprets normal B-receptor stimulation as something greater than what it really is. In English, adding Forskolin to ephedrine greatly magnifies its effects.. It pays to go with the genuine article here, Sabinsa’s patented Forslean – which was used in most of the studies. You’re looking for a product called Forskohlii Extract, the Nature’sWay brand. By label it’s 125mg of forskolin per cap, using a 20% extract. 60 caps for around $15 online, which is a 15 day supply.
Whatever road you take, do look into Cimetidine as it’s…

1.) Cheap as dirt
2.) Stacks well with other thermogenics and..
3.) It works…

Coach Rob Regish

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