Ursolic Acid Update

So several years ago, this product was brought to market by Pat Arnold. Pat is of course, the well known chemist who brought Andro, 1-AD and other popular pro-hormones to market. He did time for his role in the BALCO scandal, but that doesn’t change the fact his opinion carries weight – a lot of it. The guy is a first class chemist, probably the best in our business.

So you can just imagine the kind of excitement that resulted. People eagerly scarfed down lots of Ursolic Acid and….. nothing much happened. And its not as if PA oversold it – his marketing was truthful and honest. Which means he didn’t tell people to expect D-bol like results.

Ursolic Acid Today

Pat’s company has since claimed to solve some of the “bugs” inherent with the compound, and today offers it for sale as a transdermal. At 250mg/day, the dosing is in line with most orals (300mg/day typical). Theoretically, the transdermal medium should greatly increase its bio-availability. Unfortunately, tranderman UA isn’t much better than the oral stuff, which is why you don’t hear much about it these days.

What is Ursolic Acid Good For?

As luck would have it, this compound seems to reduce the bio-markers for muscle damage after intense workouts. Specifically, creatine-kinase and myoglobulin. When you damage muscle tissue too much, its content can “leak” into the bloodstream, overloading the kidneys. For example, I over-did it in the gym once and began pissing blood. You don’t have to be a Dr. to know that ain’t good. 

This phenomenon is known as Rhabdomylosis, and can be life threatening if you don’t receive medical attention. Nevertheless, this stuff could be a big part of the solution for those prone to the condition, of which I am one.

The Bottom Line

Ursolic Acid isn’t going to grow much muscle or cut much fat, at least as much as we want it to. Given its price, I’d skip it and instead put your money into intra-workout Essential Amino Acids, creatine monohydrate or Beta-Alanine. Three research proven nutraceuticals that are worth your money.

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