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Cycling Mass Pro Synthagen

By Coach Rob Regish / March 4, 2020 /

Questions I use your MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN X2 product and love it as the recovery after a workout is definitely “drug like” with this product. My question is, does the product need to be cycled on and off due to the Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract or can it be used year round? Answer The truth is,…

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How I Got My Shoulders

By Coach Rob Regish / February 26, 2020 /

Question I’ve seen some pictures online and you have great shoulders. Were they always wide, and what exercises have helped most in developing them? Answer There’s an old saying in bodybuilding that you can’t hide weak shoulders, and they’re absolutely right The trouble is that due to all the bench pressing that goes on, the…

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Trap Bar Deadlift

By Coach Rob Regish / February 19, 2020 /

Question I know you speak highly of the trap bar deadlift, but I’m hesitant because I usually deadlift sumo. Won’t I lose strength? I’m not competing anymore, and just doing this to look better and stay strong. Answer The trap bar deadlift is in fact a tremendous exercise, but there are some nuances you should…

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Training to Failure

By Coach Rob Regish / February 12, 2020 /

Question What do you think of training to failure? Does it work and if so what’s the best way to use it? I’ve tried it in the past and had great results, but could never stick with it. Answer Every few years, training to absolute muscular failure enjoys a renaissance of sorts so that’s probably…

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