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I know you’re a big fan of bodyweight stuff and have been using it more and more over the years. Are there different supplements that help, or are they the same as with lifting weights? Like most I use whey protein, creatine and a pre-workout.


This is a really good question, because on some levels BW work is very different vs. weights.

Yet in other respects, it’s still resistance training.

One thing that you can count out, in my opinion, is heavy creatine monohydrate use, loading up on lots of carbs, calories and weight gainers.

Also, drinking gallons of water every day isn’t usually necessary (unless you’re doing other stuff, or in hot and humid climates).

All of these things lead to one, over-arching no no with BW work – fast weight gains.

You can add 10 lbs of water with creatine, salt, lots of sugar etc. and your bench, squat and deadlift will all go up.

The problem is your chin ups, pushups, dips and other BW stuff will all go down.

Getting all cranked up with lots of caffeine/pre-workouts isn’t ideal either, because it inhibits the amount of NMA or neuro-muscular activation seen in most BW movements.

The issue is this: Take too many stimulants and both your mind and heart will race, especially just prior to a set where you need to perform more reps than last time. Or perhaps you’re moving on to a more demanding version of the movement.

In either case, you’re already on edge and it blows your concentration and resulting CNS recruitment of the muscles necessary to complete the lift.

Note the plural I used in muscle(s): In every BW movement you perform, ALL the muscles need to contract simultaneously. Not so in all movements where you lift weights.

Watch any pre-workout tweaker and he’s usually pacing in between sets, can’t sit still, talking fast and his mind is working even faster.

That wastes a lot of physical and mental energy, energy that should be going 100% into your work set.

Bodyweight Performance Enhancement

I consider the following protocol then, ideal for BW performance enhancement (my general health supps are another issue, for another time).

1.) 3-5 grams of a green or white Kratom strain, about an hour prior to training.

2.) Adrafinil or Modafinil, depending upon what’s available.

3.) Mass Pro Synthagen, before and after every workout (10 before, 5 after).

The Kratom takes the place of traditional pre-workouts like ephedrine/caffeine, and anyone who’s used it knows – it’s perfect for what I’m describing.

Adrafinil or Modafinil are optional, but seem to help during particularly demanding (or long) workouts.

Synthagen keeps cellular energy exceedingly high, lets you recovery ridiculously fast and causes NO deleterious weight gain. I’ve heard it described as “like creatine, but without the water weight.”

I don’t think the Adrafinil/Modafinil or Synthagen is necessary every workout BTW. But because they work so well, I wind up using them every time anyway LOL. Just being honest.

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