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If I’m going to do a heavy cycle (Abombs, Tren, Test, Deca and Anavar) for 16 weeks, what should I do to prepare? I’ve got all my stuff from a new source (old one got out of the game), have $ for plenty of food and time to train 5 to 6 days/week.

Other than hard work and lots of sleep, anything else I can do to get the most out of it?


The first thing I’d do is get your drugs tested.

Google Roid Test and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Although many will skip this step, I consider it essential when dealing with the black market.

You may find that it’s 100% true to label, but its much more likely several of the drugs are underdosed, overdosed or more than likely different (cheaper) drugs than the one you ordered.

Tren is tough to fake, if only because of how you (should) feel on it. Test is often under-dosed and sometimes Deca turns out to be just low dose test.

A do it yourself deca test can involve a home pregnancy test kit BTW, as females normally produce it during pregnancy. So unless something has changed, you may save some $ there.

I’m not sure why Anavar is included here, unless it’s primarily a strength cycle. Var doesn’t necessarily make you very big, it will make you very strong due to its ability to increase ATP content.

But real anavar is hard to come by, and I’ve heard plenty of stories about guys who order it, but get Winstrol or some other steroid instead.

Abombs effects are so noticeable/specific, you probably won’t need a test for them. The only other possibility is they’re under-dosed, which again is something I’ve heard of happening more than once.

After testing the goods, at least you’ll know what you have and how potent each is.

Protective Compounds

Next, I see no mention here as to other, protective compounds. You’re running 2 orals, one of which is known to be harder on the liver than most – you can at least be using TUDCA, NAC or the R-isomer of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Tren is notoriously hard on your kidneys, and kidneys aren’t as resilient as the liver. Cranberry is something I’ve heard of guys using, although to be fair I dunno how effective it is.

If I were to guess, some level of toxicity with Tren is unavoidable.

Also, if it’s real you certainly won’t need a pre-workout which would be a bad idea, especially given possible blood pressure issues with this stack.

A full set of lab panels prior to, during and after would be very wise but frankly, the number of athletes that’ll do this is few and far between. Most just don’t want to know.

Also, I see no PCT meds here and after 16 weeks you’ll certainly be needing them.

Finally, you need to prepare your heart and lungs for this BEFORE you start shooting anything. Weight gains on this stack will be maximal, and your heart and lungs will need all the help they can get in dealing with that issue.

Before doing anything, I’d get a 2nd opinion. This is an unusually powerful stack, and I think you need to answer the question “for what”? If there’s a scholarship or pro contract on the line here somewhere, that’s one thing. If it’s just for fun and to look good that’s quite another in my opinion. This is not a stack for the faint of heart, so answering these questions will be important.

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