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I use your MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN X2 product and love it as the recovery after a workout is definitely “drug like” with this product. My question is, does the product need to be cycled on and off due to the Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract or can it be used year round?


The truth is, there’s no need to cycle Synthagen. Neither RCE or any ingredient in it disrupts your body’s endocrine (or other) system. There’s no shutdown, no liver stress etc. that you need be concerned with.

People GET concerned about such things because anything that works like a drug– is usually associated with side effects. No such problem here. In fact, if anything the longer you’re on it the more your health and performance should improve.

I can say this because the amount of RCE in the recommended daily dose is quite substantial, and a lot more than most people bargain for. Let’s put it this way: There’s enough RCE for a relatively lean 300lb man, if you go by the most often cited dose in the literature.

Health Benefits

The health benefits should be most apparent in your cholesterol and fasting blood sugar numbers. As in it should lower both of them, especially if you’re used to running high or borderline. Even better, the anti-oxidant content of RCE should address the real problem you should be concerned with when it comes to cholesterol of any sort: Oxidized cholesterol.

As far as blood sugar is concerned, it’s consistent with the literature on such. Meaning it’s been shown to increase glycogen content, probably by way of improving muscle cell insulin sensitivity.

Having said all of that, I do recommend coming off totally every 8 weeks or so, at least for a few weeks. I personally think it helps re-sensitize your system to the effects of the product. You can also run it daily for 30 days, then take it on training days only for the next 30.

That works for most people, and I wholeheartedly accept and recommend it. Ever since the product debuted, I’ve looked for ways for people to use less, or make a bottle go farther. Why? Because it’s expensive. Expensive as hell to manufacture, and I want people to get the most out of it.

Bottom Line

Finally, let me say this: I’ve had a commercial on SHR running for over a year speaking to the fact Synthagen delivers drug like recovery. You can choose not to believe it, but that is the truth. And I damn sure wouldn’t have run that commercial if I knew full well it didn’t.

The fact is, it does. Whether people choose to believe that or not really isn’t my concern. What I am concerned with is helping people that do know the truth. Who knows, some day we might not have the access to the stuff. If that comes to pass, I’m entirely certain it will be remembered in the same vain as the original Met-Rx, creatine monohydrate, Ultimate Orange etc..

Hope that helps..

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