Ecdysterone and Adaptogenic Effects


I caught your mention of all the research going on with Ecdy a few weeks back. But it’s never really worked for me. It seems feedback is almost split evenly between those that love it or hate it.

Why is that?


There are reasons that I’ll get into, but it’s likely there are other reasons we’ll never be able to work out. Let me explain.

You heard me mention a few minutes ago about certain OTC painkillers working for some people, and others get nothing at all from them.

The question is… why?

Likely, in my opinion, for the same reason that some people are severely allergic to nuts and some aren’t, or some people are rapid metabolizers of caffeine – and others aren’t.

Call it genetics, call it DNA or what have you its all the same – it’s something inside of us that we can’t control. It just is.

It doesn’t help Ecdysterone is still seen as a singular compound, rather than a family of compounds over 500 strong.

In that respect, they’re very much like steroids.

Here’s a good example: It would be fair to say Anadrol is an effective anabolic. It wouldn’t be fair to say Andriol is though – yet they’re both steroids.

We can discuss companies that use junk starting material (Cyanotis anything), but that problem has been known about for some time (and sadly, it’s still a problem).

Or we can discuss how much of the good stuff you need.

And we can debate all day about whether bio-availability can be improved with cyclodextrins, etc.

Adaptogenic Effects

But the single biggest issue in people not getting the results they want is this: Most people fail to create the stress needed for Ecdy to exert its adaptogenic effects

Notice I used the word “adaptogenic effects,” not ANABOLIC effects

Which isn’t to say adaptogenic won’t give you noticeable results – it will. But you won’t add 15-20lbs like you will on a test/d-bol cycle.

The stress that IS necessary should be physiological in nature, meaning the body is challenged with a new, calculated training stress.

Alternatively, dieting is seen as a stress once calories go low enough to deplete cellular energy stores. AMPK is your body’s “sensor” so to speak, gauging the energy state of the cell

Once this dips past a certain threshold, a physiological stress is triggered.

You’ll note some of the best Ecdysterone feedback on the boards over decades comes from people in a cutting phase. That’s no accident…

Teeing your body up like this to take maximal advantage of Ecdy is both an art and a science.

And I dare say I’ve taken it farther than anyone with the original Blueprint’s Famine/Feast and Cruise training and dietary phases.

It works spectacularly well, and I’m working on something now that will make it easier to put it in the hands of people so they can see for themselves

Until then, just understand getting the most out of the compound involves more than just taking X capsules a day until the bottle runs out, changing no other variables and hoping for the best.

It doesn’t work like that. Never has, never will.

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