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You once went over the psychology of using supplements and that really stuck with me. Can you repeat what you said? Something about how placebo’s work, but also something more than that.This may sound weird, but it changed my entire outlook on buying and using them.



Like many of you, I’ve spent a lot of money on supplements over the years. Almost certainly too much and in the past it has pained me. Not anymore though, let me tell you why.

When you’re young and dumb, it’s not all bad. Here’s why: In many instances, you’ll pay big $ for a product that does little to nothing. Yet you’ll wind up making better gains than if you otherwise didn’t buy and use it.

Much of that is due to the excitement of this product having the POTENTIAL to vault your gains forward.

I scrutinized every facet of how it was supposed to work, it’s mechanism of action right down to what macro-nutrients and training went best with it.

I didn’t’ just randomly get up the next day, down the required dose and went off to the gym.

No, I woke up EXCITED to begin my training and dietary cycle with it.

It motivated me, far more-so than just the traditional sense.

Notice the knock on effect – the supplement caused me to tighten up or greater scrutinize the things that really mattered – training and diet.

Many of you will laugh at this, but Cybergenics was a great example.

Paid $100 for it (a fortune in those days), and I could tell you down to the MINUTE when I took what, with or without meals, pre or post workout and everything in between.

Because dammit, I worked hard for that $100 – and I was going to get something out of this.

The supplement gave me something you absolutely need in this sport to succeed – regimine.

I lived a VERY regimented life, with little room for partying, dating, family or anything else really.

If you wanted to know me back then then well, you were going to be part of the regimine too – but in no event would you or anyone else take me away from my training, diet, sleep or supplement regimine.

I was that disciplined, that structured and that determined.

I can’t say I ever took anything that made me THINK I’d be stronger. Not even Methyl 1-test.

Why? Because I always EXPECTED to get stronger.

And as I’ve said before many times – expectations are powerful things.

But none of it happens without regimine and in general, the more you adhere to that regimine – the better your results will be.

The supplements I bought only strengthened that regimine.

The other thing you need to realize is this: You could be selling capsules full of wood chips, and you’ll always come across some kid who’s in just the right place at the right time.

Meaning he just turned 18, hormones now in full swing, just discovered free weights, squatting and deadlifting and ready to do that or die trying.

He gets ahold of those wood chips right then and by God – your wood chips will have the most glowing testimonial you could ever hope for.

So don’t look back and regret the $ you’ve spent in your youth – because if they caused you to go to greater lengths to get the gains you were promised, then so be it.

That’s far better than not getting those gains IMO, because properly cared for they’ll serve you well into old age. And in my case, they certainly have.

Finally, it’s precisely for this reason I’m so proud of Synthagen’s feedback. Our average customer is approximately age 36, been lifting for more than a decade and very much been around the block so to speak.

When they come back raving about what they’ve experienced and become repeat customers for a decade well – that’s when you know you’ve really succeeded.

Bottom Line

You’ll make some mistakes, but doing so will give you the experience to find supplements like that and stick with them. Whether it’s Synthagen or something else, you’ll continue to be well served by them and know definitively they’re a great investment.

Hope that helps.

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