Supplements Aren’t A Magic Bullet


After about a year of training my gains have really dried up. I take creatine, eat enough and train hard 3 days a week. If I add aminos like glutamine, taurine, beta-alanine etc how much will they help? I’m 25 years old BTW.

I’m also looking to get on a good test booster, so if you could suggest one I’d really appreciate it.


OK some tough love to start, so first things first – I want people to know I’m doing so with a purpose.

There’s a pattern here I want everyone to take note of, because its an easy trap to fall into.

The vicious cycle starts with a problem to solve – his gains have “really dried up.”

The very next thing he mentions is, he’s taking creatine.

THEN he moves on to make some all too vague statements about how he’s training “hard enough” and eating “enough.”

We’ll come back to those in a second, but notice where he goes right back to next… wants to know if “other aminos” will help.

He then informs us that he’s 25 years old, which is fine but then BOOM, he’s right back to “looking to get on a good test booster.”

The pattern I’ve just described is no accident, as supplement companies are producing things that give people the impression they can rectify some wrong and get them gaining again.

Consequently, many people get caught up in majoring in the minors.

Let me be clear: There is no amount of aminos, test boosters or any supplement I can think of that is strong enough to cause the kind of size and strength increases we’re all looking for.

Are there things that’ll help? Supplements that’ll help amplify the effect the benefits proper training, diet and rest give you? Absolutely.

But they will likely never replace the fundamentals

If I were in this situation, I’d first put pen to paper and detail every last thing I’m doing with my training, diet and sleep – then get a 2nd opinion.

I actually think there’s a great opportunity here for technology to help people.

In the world of investing, there are now robo-advisors – Artificial Intelligence algorithims that look at your portfolio and make helpful recommendations.

I’m betting something similar could spot a LOT that could be improved here, then perhaps address his supplement use. Speaking of which…

He almost certainly doesn’t need a test booster (assuming they worked), and if he wanted to use aminos, the EAA’s would be where to start IMO, then build out from there.

If you can’t answer the question though, “how are these working with my training and diet to build more muscle”, you still have some work to do.

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