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What’s the latest on Kratom? I really like the stuff, and don’t want to ever be without it.


This is a good question, because it’s timely given the latest goings on.

Kratom is once again under attack, with the FDA/DEA spreading lies about its “addictive” and “dangerous” nature.

The latest is that they’ve commissioned one of their puppet “research” organizations to publish a study showing this alleged “danger.”

In a nutshell, the fight against Kratom is going on on a state by state basis. Why? Because when they got their hands slapped at the Federal level for literally trying to ban it in the middle of the night – they decided to try banning it via state law.

Today, most Kratom vendors won’t ship to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont or Wisconsin.

Let me give you one shining example of the FDA’s stupidity, as it perfectly illustrates how they have no intention of hearing both sides of the story.

Some time ago, the American Kratom Association ( asked to meet with the FDA, to show them the scientific proof of Kratom’s safety and efficacy.

And what did the FDA do?

They completely ignored them, and in fact have continued to ignore the AKA’s repeated requests for (get ready for it): 958 days and counting.

For over 2 ½ years, not one single person in the FDA (which employs over 18,000 people) could be bothered to even return a phone call.

Now consider this: YOUR tax dollars pay these people’s salary.

Mad yet? You should be, because whether you use Kratom or not – this is how the government, YOUR government operates.

There’s an agenda, and damn you or anyone else that gets in the way of it.

I cannot emphasize this enough: Go to and decide to DO something about it today. Contribute whatever you can (even if it’s just 1 dollar!) to the cause.

Because if you (or I) don’t, you can kiss your Kratom goodbye… and probably a lot of other things too.

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