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What do you make of this product called Androgin? I guess it has Ginseng and some other stuff and they’re saying it acts on the androgen receptor? But also somehow it increases GH?

Do you think its worth a try?


The short answer is that I would definitely wait on the stuff, as outside of a small number of people on a particular board we just don’t have enough experience with it yet.

On the one hand, there are some scientific studies showing select ginsenosides dock at the androgen receptor and “up regulate” certain processes related to muscle growth.

Let’s take mTOR as an example… I’ve lost count of the things that increase mTOR. And besides, training itself increases mTOR, probably better than all of these supplements combined.

Look, I would be the happiest guy in the world to have a legal, OTC truly anabolic agent.

But this stuff falls into the too good to be true category IMO.

For example, it delivers all this anabolic goodness…. While INCREASING things like LH hormone?

And there’s a GH effect too, which they’re comparing to GH releasing peptides such as CJC-1295 and/or GHRP 6?

IMO, it’s a real long shot that any of these ginsenosides actually do anything like that.

It’s an even bigger long shot that the effects it does have justifies the cost.

I’m not totally down on Ginseng, I mentioned how I literally felt a particularly good Korean Red, and it wasn’t like I was expecting it.

Much like many others that came before it though, this stuff must pass the ultimate test – the test of time.

Will it be around in 10 years, largely unchanged and supported by repeat buys?

Or will it be like Pink Magic, “Compound 20,” Prime, Amentoflavone or Anabeta?

These were all board darlings upon being rolled out (with plenty of free samples being given away, I might add).

There was a rush of “OMG this stuff is the best thing since Sliced MetRx” and then nobody bought them again. So they stopped making them.

Gullible suckers got hosed, like so many times in the past.

So then its on to the next product, and more money down the drain.

I’ll tell you a little secret: I try very, very few “new” products nowadays. My kitchen cupboards are full of tried and true supplements, stuff I’ve been taking in some cases for decades.

If something new really does work, believe me you’ll hear about it. Probably in the form of FDA warning letters, and if the supplement companies don’t pull it from the market – they will.

Just like they’re trying to do with Kratom today.

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