Tranquilogen to Fight Pain?


How does Tranquilogen work to fight pain, even you out and improve workouts? Also, how do I dose it in and around the workout?


TQ is a fantastic product that does all of that and more, as you’ve validated in your feedback. The main drivers in the formula are Curcumin and Rhodiola Rosea, so a word now on those two.


Curcumin has so many benefits for the athlete, I’d put it at the top of the list of supplemental herbs. A full gram of it is in TQ, and it’s the number one ingredient. A very noticeable reduction in pain/inflammation is present, from the very first dose.


Rhodiola is perhaps the most mis-understood adaptogen out there, and cheap material is the #1 cause of this. The Rhodiola used in TQ is the absolute finest available – sourced from Giia herbs. This material comes directly from Russia, not the cheap Chinese counterfits you see out there today. It’s a standardized full spectrum extract, for the full payload of Rosavins which are the speculated actives in the plant. It brings into balance serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that stress depletes in today’s stress riddled society. It also has benefits to your workout, as an acute dose led to improved work capacity when dosed immediately pre-workout


Ashwaghanda is the next heavy hitter in TQ, and we use a unique full spectrum extract. Its benefits range from stress reduction to a possible testosterone boost. The big one for me though is helping with stress, and it’s a sure bet anything that mitigates that also lowers cortisol, which means more muscle. Indeed, several studies have shown favorable improvements in lean body mass, strength and VO2 max.

The Rest

The rest of the formula is rounded out by 5-HTP, Astaxanthin and Bioperine, which is Sabinsa’s black pepper extract. 5-HTP reliably converts to Tryptophan and induces calming effect, and it does this without having to have an empty stomach – which is what you need when dosing L-Tryptophan. No such problem with 5-HTP. Astaxanthin is likewise an excellent anti-inflammatory, and pairs well with Curcumin.

Dosing on training days is a snap: Just take one cap immediately pre and another immediately post workout. Most use it alongside Synthagen, but I like rotating the two. It really does allow you to gauge the horsepower of each, and will stretch your supply of both.

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