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After Testing Low


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Your Dr. will likely pitch you on androgel or a similar transdermal to start. He may even suggest Axiron, an underarm deodorant type product. You absolutely don’t want those, as they pale in comparison to test cypionate injections IMO. You’ve taken B-12 shots before, so you’re no stranger to the needle. Besides, there are other mitigating circumstances to consider.

“I have small children/nieces/nephews I wrestle around with all the time, and my wife/GF is terrified of accidental transfer”. If he counters with Axiron, you’re allergic to one of the carriers it uses. You know because it’s in an OTC sunscreen you used once. Horrible rash; kept you out of work a few days.

Never again…

Again, the goal is 200mg/week of test cypionate. Most HRT docs won’t prescribe anything near this level though, you’ll be lucky to get 125 but TRY. The worst they can say is no. Just be aware the doc is concerned he’s going to lose his medical license, which is why he’s going to want to start you low.