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The Past the Present and the Future


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The real quandary today is the plethora of information available. It’s overwhelming. Back in the day (pre-internet), you had the opposite situation. If you were lucky, you bumped into the right guy at your gym who introduced you to a few basic concepts such as eating less to lose weight, eating more to gain weight and a typical pyramiding format for your weight workouts.

You now have at your fingertips the worldwide web. Lots of good information and even more bad info. How do you sort all of this out? It can take years and thousands of dollars to go through this learning curve. The best case scenario is trial and error whereby you end up with a half dozen good workout routines and diets culled from tedious journaling of your personal experiences (many of them expensive failures). Even then, there’s still a huge problem; there’s no way to build upon the success of those few gems you happened to come across. It is the traction gained over months and years from these programs that can build a substantial degree of muscle tissue, but what eludes the vast number of trainees who get into the game. Witness the huge failure rate at your own gym.

What’s always been missing was the framework with which to couple these gems and generate the traction necessary to pile on the muscle, ONGOING. That’s all changed with The Blueprint for Big Muscle Building.

Now, you are no longer left hanging and wondering what to do next once you complete a productive program. The Blueprint doesn’t allow this to happen, by virtue of its timed, rotational phase-shifts. After taking some time off to reestablish homeostasis and your newfound muscle mass and strength gains, you’ll be primed to repeat the best of times by re-cultivating organic anabolism. Each time you go through it you’ll have learned from the previous cycle, building upon each success all the more. And you will learn from each cycle! To me, this is the best part of the program.

The variations are endless but you know the drill now: construct cycles that maximally alarm your body, something that borders on a threat to your physiology. Then slip in under the radar to deliver a targeted refeed and training stimulus to work with your body to add more muscle and then solidify those gains by cruising for a few weeks. Move around with them, live with them until they’re truly yours. Then repeat, fine tuned, what you’ve learned.

Part of The Blueprint’s appeal resides in its specific flexibility. While the shell of the template guides and keeps you on track, the dietary and training templates used therein are flexible enough to incorporate what works best for you. Neither

I nor anyone else can tell you what specific weight lifting routine will work best for you given your current goals, time available to devote to training, injuries or recovery ability (which is constantly changing anyway) and genetics.

It has been my experience that many different diets and training routines can work… until your body adapts to them. Looking at it objectively, you can find evidence that all sorts of diets and workout programs have been “proven” to work. But how can this be? Because if you read the studies you’ll notice something curious. The common denominator is that they’re all measuring a change in the individual’s physiology during a brief window of time.

The Blueprint doesn’t change for the sake of change though, or espouse the ridiculous “muscle confusion” principle. Random change is a mistake and has resulted in more wasted time in U.S. training circles than any other variable (save the shotgunning of the supplement de jour from month to month).

Rather, The Blueprint provides a fail-safe framework in which to grow and gain via each unique, time sensitive phase shift. The timing of these phase shifts keeps your physiology in a high state of organic anabolism and maximizes every morsel of food you eat, every workout you perform and every supplement you take. You’ll also find it mimics the natural ebb and flow of life, where people experience periods of high stress, high productivity and some down time to rest, re-charge and build upon their experiences. There’s a place for all of this in The Blueprint, even your failures.

Frustrated with a past routine that overtrained you? Have an upcoming week where you know you’ll be pulling all-nighters or partying heavy and eating crap? Plug it into the famine phase and make it work FOR you instead of against you! How about a favorite workout or diet from the past you know delivers the goods? Incorporate that into your next feast phase. Something entirely new that catches your eye? The next “creatine” might pop up out there somewhere. When it arrives, you plug it into The Blueprint and reap the benefits.

There’s a place for all of it here.

Soon enough, you will become very proficient at listening to the signals your body is giving you. In time, you’ll understand how and when the alarm phase has been maximally stimulated and precisely when the growth state has been “milked” for all it’s worth. You now have the insight, knowledge and power to leverage this to your advantage, ongoing.

Dozens of trails have shown that it usually takes 2-3 runs for most trainers to find his or her personal, optimal BLUEPRINT protocol but they all start the first time out with typically stunning gains. They also quickly come to understand that their short term sacrifice (famine) is rewarded with BIG gains every single time following (feast). It’s truly a wonderful and powerful feeling knowing that more progress is right around the corner, always within your grasp. YOU now have the tools to gain these benefits… over and over! Put them to work and please share your personal success and insights with us on the private Blueprint Members Collective Form. Join us to learn, share and help build upon the knowledge base.

And as it’s said, knowledge IS power! Sincerely,

Rob Regish