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You see this guy?

He’s anywhere from 30-50 years old, holds down a full time job working in IT, has a family and sits on his kid’s school board. He also pumps iron, because he likes how it makes him look and feel. As part of that, he dabbled in anabolics when he was younger. Since he’s long out of that scene, he’s been giving some of the pro­hormones on the market a whirl in recent years. He’s not trying to gain an unfair advantage vs. his competitors, not cheating. He just wants to stay lean/cut as he gets older – maybe put a few pounds on his bench press.

He’s not a criminal. For Christ’s sake, he could be your next door neighbor.

This is for anyone who no longer has optimal testosterone levels, has been training a minimum of 10 years and has the emotional maturity to handle some powerful medicine. Theoretically, this means a 30-50 year old male who’s thrown everything but the kitchen sink at his body, but the tape measure just won’t budge.

It’s for the guy who’s even run unorthodox training stimuli like The Blueprint, yet still isn’t satisfied with his results. People know I’m a straight shooter, so let me say this one more time:

If you haven’t maxed out your natural genetic potential, this information will hurt your long term progress, not help it

Don’t even attempt it, if you haven’t been training hard for a decade or more.

Provided you’ve tapped out what God gave you though and you’re still not happy, I have no hesitation in saying this:

Running this stack is like running a moderate cycle. It’s that good.