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Moving in and Out of Each State


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Now that you know what’s “going on”, let’s take a look at how people react to this dynamic in the real world. Your typical gym rat will find himself in the exhaustion phase, making little to no progress. I’ve been there, it’s frustrating. He begins to read bodybuilding magazines, looking for an answer to his problems. He reasons that he needs a new supplement or routine to break the plateau. I’m afraid I have bad news; neither is going to do it. The “trap” he falls into is identifying what supplement is hot, orders up a month’s supply and begins shot gunning it and “hoping” something will happen. He may gain a couple of pounds but quickly finds out that really isn’t cutting it. So then it’s on to the next pro’s routine and more money is gone and time lost. There simply are no supplements or double- split routines that can over-ride the exhausted state and now he’s in a long term, no win situation.

Alternatively, he may turn to steroids. These drugs ARE strong enough to override the exhausted state because they initiate a series of events that “alarm” the body again and can lead to substantial muscle gain. But at what cost? Artificially extending a pathological state of exhaustion has its consequences. One of these consequences is robbing him of understanding how to re-establish a growth state and growing healthy, drug free muscle over and over.

Let’s be clear: the 10-15 lbs drugs can deliver is chump change compared to the 30-50 lbs you can and will pack on by working with your body. And this is the kind of muscle that sticks around.

The Ultimate Blieprint allows you to precisely maneuver in and out of each physiological state and, more importantly, repeat the growth state, over and over again on a consistent basis for years. Gone are the days of hit and miss training where you MAY be lucky enough to hit this window once or twice a year for a few weeks at a time. NOW you’ll know exactly how to create, amplify and “milk” the growth state for all it’s worth on a regular basis. That means constant, meaningful progress that doesn’t stop!

Let’s take a look at today’s top dog adaptogen and how the Soviets integrated forerunner products into their training and dietary templates. As we’ll see, these adaptogens were carefully positioned subsequent to and used only during two of the states we just discussed.

Mass Pro Synthagen’s center piece ingredient  is an authentic, full spectrum Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract. aka Ecdysterone. Rhaponticum is but one of sixteen (16!) ingredients designed to work with your metabolism. It is however, THE adaptogen the Soviets worked with so successfully and dictates our optimal use paradigm.

To clarify, an adaptogen is usually a plant based compound that allows the body to better adapt to a physical, mental or emotional stress. Please stop and read that again. This is not the case with supplements like creatine powder, pro-hormones, amino acids or protein powder. The results adaptogens deliver are dependent upon, and reflective of, the particular environmental stress the organism (you!) are challenged with. It’s a pivotal distinction.

As you’ll see later, Mass Pro Synthagen expands the scope of adaptogens. But for now, just understand that the primary mechanism of action is fundamentally different than any other nutraceutical. It is only logical then that it be employed differently.