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The 11% Solution


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What follows is an excellent example of a very low frequency, low volume and low wear and tear loading pattern. It rewards 12 weeks of patience with a whopping 11% increase to your 1 rep max, effectively turning a 405lb deadlift into a 450lbs max!

The difference between this loading pattern and the others is that it requires just ONE workout a week, performing just TWO work sets for your big barbell lift of choice.

Who is this for?
1.) Busy professionals, that might not have time for 4, 6 or more work sets plus assistance work
2.) People looking to peak all 3 lifts (bench, squat and deadlift) simultaneously (no easy feat!)
3.) Older/more mature lifters with injuries or who find recovering from heavy workouts difficult
4.) People looking to save time, energy and their joints
5.) Individuals whose main focus in on conditioning or some other aspect of fitness, but who also want to get bigger and stronger.

Blueprint Ultimate Calculators


 Code Weight (% of your 1RM),
Sets & Reps
Week 1 (70%) 2×10
Week 2 (70%) 2×10
Week 3 (74%) x2x8
Week 4 (77%) x2x8
Week 5 (81%) x2x5
Week 6 (85%) x2x5
Week 7 (88%) x2x5
Week 8 (92%) x2x3
Week 9 (96%) x2x3
Week 10  (100%) x2x2
Week 11 (70%) x2x10
Week 12 (111%) x1