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Upper Body Hyperplasia Day


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EXERCISE #1: Weighted Dips*

* Dips are a far superior movement for growth vs. the bench press. All you’ll need is a box to step up on/off.

  • Select a weight that you are unable to complete another rep in the full movement (positive, concentric failure) in the 6 – 10 rep range
  • You continue lifting the weight in the top 1/3rd of the range (strong range partials) to positive concentric failure. Reps will vary here, but go to failure
  • Next, with your partial strength exhausted you perform as many negatives as possible, until such time as you can no longer lower yourself under control
  • Finally, grab a pair of heavy DB’s, and stretch the muscle under load in a flye type movement. Here’s a good visual –
  • It’s just ONE giant set like this btw, lasting around a minute. If you feel like doing another set, you did something wrong. Really, really wrong, LOL



I would highly suggest using this type of bar/pronated grip, if your gym has one

  • Select a weight that sees you failing in the 6 – 10 rep range, taking it to positive (concentric) muscle failure
  • Keep the same weight, then immediately launch into as many strong range partial reps as you can, meaning the lower 1/3rd of the movement. That is, you pull it nowhere near your stomach! Again, reps will likely be higher here which is fine. Just exhaust your strength in these strong range partials
  • Once your partial strength gives out, hold the weight in a stretch position (very bottom of the movement), feeling a deep stretch in the lats. This likely won’t last long, but getting that deep stretch in is vital
  • Overall time to complete should fall within the 40-70 second window


Why standing? Because more total muscle is activated, especially vs. sitting. How much body English should you use? Not much, so as soon as you find yourself leaning back excessively/bending at the knees, don’t count that rep.

  • Perform as many full range reps as possible, going to absolute muscular failure in the 5 – 7 rep range
  • After failing, rest the bar on the front of your shoulders. You’re going to perform as many BOTTOM range partials as possible. Bottom 1/3rd of the range.
  • Once that strength has been exhausted, use your legs to lock the weight out over your head. Re-rack it if you need to and take a 10 second break. Now HOLD the barbell in a static position at the top of the movement as long as possible. Opinions vary, but a full lockout works here too IMO. The ideal is a slight bend in the elbow, taking the pressure off the joint and driving the tension into the muscle.
  • Finally perform the following shoulder stretch, for as long as you can stand it, which shouldn’t be long
  • Total duration for this shoulder sequence should = 1 minute, no more.
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