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How to Recover Like You’re on Steroids


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Something Unique, To Match The Speed At Which The Unorthodox Unfolds, Is Born…

Supplements to compliment this strategy have come a long way. “The Formula” and like variations of intra workout drinks now allow for MUCH faster recovery from exercise, making these sessions all the more effective. When you switch workouts like this and whiplash between energy systems drawn upon to fuel each session, recovering from these session means EVERYTHING. The issue though, is this: As effective as “The Formula” is, it isn’t enough to grow the MOST new mus- cle – at the FASTEST possible rate.

This is in large part, due to the fact that it lacked flexibility to be used outside of the workout/on “off” days and especially while attempting to ward off catabolism/build muscle – while striving to keep insulin low to maximize fat loss. If you’ve practiced the absolute magic that is intermittent fasting/The Warrior Diet – there’s a problem. While under eating/fasting and just prior to over-feeding, peo- ple (ectomorphs, in particular) were losing too much muscle.

The only agents available strong enough to halt this in those prone to such are androgens (illegal) and pro-hormones. Both carry a risk/reward ratio that I consider unacceptable. Long story short, every other strategy (GABA+BCAA’s, Phosphatidylserine and other cortisol inhibitors etc.) aren’t enough. I’ve deemed these “passive” anti-catabolic and it anti-catabolic’s amount to defense.

Those of you that know me have come to know this – I don’t play defense. I play offense, and I play to win. I look to do better for you, and have succeeded…

Accordingly, MassPro Synthagen was born. This product is a Rolls Royce, and carries with it all of the hallmarks, which you’ve come to expect from me and the Blueprint. Among them…

2.) Precision
3.) Unorthodox strategy, to address the underlying physiological mechanism

Prepare to take recovery to a different level. It’s pretty simple: You take 5-10 caps before your workout and another 5 after and…. you’ll wake up the next day and you’re fresh as a daisy! This is NOT exaggeration. This kind of feedback is typical…

Every ingredient exists for a purpose, and the whole enchilada has a FAR greater impact, than its individual parts. When you see the final formula and write up, you’ll know you’re looking at the truth.

There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind. Here are a few testimonials…

“Exceptional product! Far exceeds anything else on the market. Increased work capacity, increased re- covery/reduced muscle soreness! Definite game changer.” – Donnie Morrison, Ridgecrest, CA

“This is my base supplement from here on. I just can’t be- lieve how I gained strength. This run allowed me to push the extremes of high, low, and no calorie days, mess up a bit yet still be success- ful. The overall single best bodybuilding supplement I have personally ever used.” Thicketman, Bodybuilding Forum review

“Worth every penny.” – Ameer Rosic, Toronto, Ontario Canada

The restorative properties and increased sense of well being is amazing!! Not only can you train hard- er and increase intensity/density, you wake up the next day with no soreness and ready to train again. You have to literally force yourself to not train on days you are supposed to take off. For those who are wanting to train on the next level, this product will take you there.” – Gareth Denyer, CPT, HCP Barbell, Woodlands, TX

“How did you do it? Never used anything except deca and anadrol that made such a dif- ference in how I feel re- lated to the recovery process. Can I buy stock in it? Congratulations.” Dave, San Luis Obispo, CA

Although it wasn’t designed with androgens or pro-hormones in mind, it’s going to be the PERFECT
product to stack with them. This, given it will add imimmeasurably to their results AND provide an incredible health/safety advantage. We are looking at something that, combined with the right training and diet – is going to make your progress world’s easier.

Your sweat equity, smart diet and supplement choices are about to pay off in spades.

Finally, I’m mindful of the fact you’ve come to expect the absolute best from me. You’ve actually gone far beyond that point – you’ve put your trust in me. I do not take this responsibility lightly, and failure is not an option.

Synthagen will once again exceed your expectations.