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FEAST: Key Points


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Few commentaries on these first five workouts. Because a lot of  people really get thrown after they see them. Literally saying “hey doesn’t look like much?”

Don’t be fooled. You’ll be working up to a extremely heavy weight, in most cases, for your work set. So in reality it’s multiple sets. Warming up to it. That work set needs to be an absolute 100% effort, no holding back.

That is a skill as much in the mind as it is a physical skill. You’ll see what I mean after you’ve performed one or two workouts. You’re much more adept by your third workout, I think, of really 100% pushing yourself than with the first two.

This type of training, one set to failure/high-intensity, is best positioned AFTER a volume oriented protocol (like we did in Famine). The gains, when you switch so dramatically, are stunning, and I have no doubt that you’ll see that here.

It’s best to give yourself a couple of days rest between these workouts. So don’t feel guilty if it takes you 2–3 weeks to complete these 5 workouts.

A lot of trainees are overtraining. So if you’re working on a one-on, one-off schedule right now and the strength gains are slowing down or non-existent, go to a one-on, two-off. I’m telling you, you’re going to be rewarded with greater strength every time.

After completing these five-workout, you will have established a new 1 Rep Max in at least two lifts (Bench and the Squat or the Bench and the Deadlift).

As you’ll soon see, there’s a method to my madness.