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DHEA Transdermal – Alternative Test Booster!


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DHEA through the skin!

Used in this fashion, DHEA is absorbed almost lOx better than what we see in oral administration. (1) There are also other benefits, such as increased metabolic conversion of hormones when they are administered through the skin. (2) It appears the upper back/shoulders have the highest concentration of enzymes required, to make the conversions (3b HSD & 17b HSD).

Further, clinical research reveals that 88% of DHEA metabolism occurs in the skin.*

* (Labrie. et al. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Feb. 2008)

This method of delivering DHEA can cause a sharp rise in androstenediol, androstenedione and testosterone within just a few hours of application.


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  2. The in vitro metabolism of dehydroepiandrosterone in human skin.

I Faredin, et al. Med Acad Sci Hung, Jan 1967; 23(2): 169-79.

OTHER HEALTH RELATED BENFITS: The New England Journal of Medicine reported on a group of researchers who tracked heart attacks and deaths, over a twelve-year period in 242 men aged fifty to seventy-nine. The men with higher DHEA levels had a 36 percent lower risk of death from all causes and an almost 50 percent lower risk of death, from heart disease. 1

Mood Boost: The University of California cited a study of thirteen men and seventeen women, ranging in age from forty to seventy. They were given a “replacement dose” of DHEA – enough to bring the body’s levels to the level of a vigorous young adult. For three months they took a fake pill (placebo) for another three. 2 67 percent of the men and 84 percent of the women reported “a remarkable Increase In perceived physical and psychological well-being” during the period they were on DHEA.

  • Barrett-Connor et al. “A prospective study of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, mortality, and cardiovascular disease.” New England Journal of Medicine.


  • Morales et al. “Effects of replacement dose of dehydroepiandrosterone in men and women of advancing age.” The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.
  1. 78(6):1360-7.

So it is here where we introduce a powerful, safe(r) and bottom line effective new strategy into our supplementation protocol for 3.0: Maximizing the DNA Transcription signal to the muscle cell, in order to grow more muscle.

Your test booster of choice may be needed as “insurance” such that this results in free testosterone, resulting in more bioavailable test. This, due to its effect on ‘Treeing up”, total test via its ability to positively modulate serum hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Free now to bind with the receptor, it does so and imparts DNA transcription, or the message to the cell nucleus to “turn on” cellular protein machinery. Two such items found in Adaptogen N – and T-bol – respectively, are the patented Longjax brand of Eurycoma Longifolia extract and Divanabol™ Urtica Dioica. (containing SHGB binding lignans 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran, neoolivil, secoisolariciresinol, dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol, and isolariciresinol) – 300 mg

Ecdy works the other side of the protein synthesis coin, namely mRNA translation. via accelerated assembly of new contractile muscle proteins in the ribosome.

This is secondary to muscle growth being put into motion, via progressive overload and adequate amino acids being in circulation. Doing so ensures the ribosomes have adequate substrate, to build new contractile muscle proteins with. 3.0 has you covered there too…


Here it is in a nutshell: Daily application of transdermal DHEA. ideally after a hot shower in the A.M. You do shower, don’t you? Highly recommended as I just started myself.

The hot shower will serve to open your pores. With the pores now open, towel off until you’re dry. Immediately apply the following (as written in the suggested dosing below) to your upper back, traps and forearms.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. 6 grams of DHEA powder
  2. 6 oz. of 91-99%, isopropyl alcohol
  3. 2 oz. of d-limonene (constituent of orange/citrus peel)

Mix the following ingredients into a large measuring cup. Stir until it’s a cloudy mix.

Then, insert a funnel into an empty lOoz bottle with dispensing pump. Not a spray pump, but a dispensing pump, as in an empty hair gel bottle. You can pick these up cheap at your local dollar store, all the while doing your Christmas/Holiday shopping to boot. If you’re really cheap, simply cannibalize your wife, girlfriends or both!

Now, after rinsing out the bottle, insert a funnel into the top of the bottle. Then, insert a coffee filter on the top of the funnel. Stir the DHEA solution one more time in a clear, measuring cup and slowly pour it on top of the coffee filter. This will filter out any impurities/large particles in the DHEA powder, while letting the DHEA slip through as it’s been dissolved into the alcohol. The alcohol will also go a long way toward killing off any impurities/other troublesome items in the powder or bottled mix.

You’ll wind up with a very thin liquid that dries quickly and has a pleasant scent.

Suggest application in the early AM. after your shower. The hot water will open the pores, improving absorption.

Bulk DHEA is hard to locate, in powder form. However, if you scratch around a bit you can find it: $15 for 20 grams…

99% Isopropyl Alcohol is readily available at virtually any drug store and very, very cheap (there’s that trademark 3Faces of Fear” “thriftiness” again, lol) at $2-3/bottle.

D-limonene is likewise hard to come by. but I’ve located a bulk supplier here for you. 1 pint for $12.99!

As an added bonus, d-limonene has a pleasant citrus scent (vs. DMSO, which will leave you smelling like a vampire – rolled in garlic/rotten eggs). It’ll also facilitate improved absorbtion/utilization. given its a penetration enhancer. You’ll be a chic magnet for sure, especially if you then don an “Electric Blueprint”. Blueprint T-shirt’ before a night on the town!

BLUEPRINT KEYS T-SHIRT “Stunning, Electric Blue” BP ers T. •Note S, M, L, XL or XXL S14.95

God, I couldn’t resist plugging at least one of The 3Faces of Fear’s11” “products”, ya’

know?… ©©©

One note on that D-limonene bulk supplier I’ve cited; they use the slow boat on shipping. If you’re anxious to start your run and can’t wait or the D-limonene is missing in action, I offer the following solution, work arounds for everything with me/us ©©© – and yes. it works:

Recall that D-Limonene is a constituent of orange/citrus peel?

STEP #1: Peel 3 large lemons or oranges. If you really want to get crazy, peel both!!!

STEP #2: Set all the peels aside and dump them into a blender.

STEP #3: Mix {another, lol) on high in 5 oz. of 91% or 99% alcohol (you’ll lose an oz. or so of alcohol in the mixing process).

STEP #4: Pour that perverse, vile, diabolical mix through your coffee filter/funnel setup. Presto!!! There’s you D-Limonene Add 2 – 3oz. to your mix.


If looking for a nice, all in one carrier that you can simply add the DHEA to. consider the following product: Penetrate

SUBJECTIVE FEEDBACK “Comparing this to other natural test boosters I have tried, (AN, Bio Forge, Testopro) vs. transdermal DHEA, let’s just say the transdermal wins hands down and I am just on 4th week. I have felt the libido and aggression increase far more than any of the oral natural test boosters. Also, not sure if it is a direct result of the transdermal, but my face has looked slightly more masculine if you will. I have high ceek bones, and they have seemed to show more lately in very positive way

A new girl at work thought I was 18 and guessed no older than 20*. Strength was really progressing well since beginning applications until I got sick, so hopefully strength will return to normal and I can hit my goals for the end of RSG. “


  • Again, The Blueprint “Electric Blue” Tshirt will enhance this effect, dramatically so. Adds 10% to all lifts, 20-30% If you buy 2 or 3 of them!!!


Study of N=1 but he’s not the only one that’s told me/us, “it works”

Adding 6gm of DHEA will give you -27mg/ml. One pump dispenses 1.8ml. Penetrate contains all of the necessary solvents and penetration enhancers already in the bottle. You simply remove the contents, pouring them into a large measuring cup.

In a separate measuring cup, run the raw DHEA powder through a funnel with a coffee filter on top. This will remove any impurities in the DHEA powder (unlikely to be any but it’s still a good idea). You’ll be left with pure DHEA in the measuring cup. Pour the pure DHEA into the Penetrate matrix that’s in your other measuring cup.

Finally, funnel the solution back into the original Penetrate bottle and screw the cap back on.


SUGGESTED DOSING PROTOCOL: Begin with 3 squirts, applied after toweling off/drying after your hot shower. Apply to as large a surface area as possible, across the body. This increases “flux,” or the total amount of the given androgen (DHEA in my/our example), often mentioned in the literature on such. Work your way up or down from there, depending upon the benefits/sides (unlikely) realized. Suggest evaluating/re­visiting these markers every 2 weeks or so, during your Feast phase.

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